Calatrava and the construction companies begin replenish Trencadís Les Arts in a month

CCalatrava and the construction companies begin replenish Trencadís Les Arts in a month.
The Consell makes the architect and UTE offering assurances ten years and accept pay all the work and expense opera canceled.

The Palau de les Arts leave this desolate appearance. There is agreement that the work stop and start it recovers its lining. The parties met and signed a document in which the performance conditions are set Trencadís lining, as well as maintenance and guarantees once the work is completed. The Consell demanded that the project be safe and secure.
Guarantees collect all risk insurance for three years and other insurance ten years. Calatrava and UTE assume those over 10 years you would have to make in the coating as a result of the need for partial or total replacements resulting from faults or defects in the design-construction management or construction.
The agreement includes the sanitized of the metal shell, primer application and implementation of a new coating Trencadís by adhesive and grouting mortar elastic. Work will begin in a month and is expected to last a year.

Toutes les exigences

The value of the work not specified but the canceller assessed the repair would cost 1.9 million euros. He said placing the mesh and remove Trencadís cost a million euros. The builders must assume, they would pay two-thirds and Calatrava, would assume the rest. We should add 230,000 euros from the expenses entailed having to cancel a show.
And culminate nine months of bickering, threats and warnings disagreements and negotiations started when in late December last year falling debris caused the cover that I had to close the Palau and cordon off the area to prevent a disaster.